IPv6 Promotion Council
Main Activity of the IPv6 Promotion Council
IPv6 Promotion Council's main activity is as follows:

1. Planning and implementation of core strategies
  • Creation and evaluation of the Council's core strategy plan based on a semi-annual survey of business trends
  • Development and review of technical strategy for IPv6 promotion
  • PR and publicity activities, showroom management and event participation
  • Collaboration with related domestic organizations and participation in related international conferences, collaborations and negotiations etc,

  • 2. Development and implementation of IP address transition strategy
  • Planning a transition strategy from IPv4 to IPv6 and proposing policies to government agencies etc.
  • Management of an IPv4 address block for the purpose of transition to IPv6

  • Limited-use IPv4 address block for transition to IPv6 (1)
    Limited-use IPv4 address for transition to IPv6 (2)

    3. Evaluation and authorization activities
  • IPv6 technical evaluation (Internet operability evaluation) and certification
  • Field trial evaluation and IPv6 readiness rating

  • 4. Research on security technology and service
  • Research on and utilization of research results from IPv6 related security technologies and services
  • Consideration of interoperability with related security technologies and services

  • 5. Supporting development of applications and services
  • Supporting the sharing and provision of information to developers of applications and services utilizing IPv6.

  • 6. Supporting operation of a testbed
  • Supporting home and industry monitor trials in an IPv6 testbed environment
  • Evaluation of and summarization of field trial results

  • 7. Supporting activities for development of infrastructure systems
  • Supporting activities for development of registry, root DNS and other infrastructure systems

  • 8. Human resource development
  • Supporting on-the-job-training for those engaged in the development and promotion of IPv6

  • 9. Other activities supporting the IPv6 Promotion Council's activities
  • Promotion activities geared toward supporting industry, organizations and individuals jointly pursuing the Council's stated goals
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